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We release a valuable new episode each Friday! 

We continue to release a new episode each week.  However, we are woefully behind on updating this page.  You can find all our most recent episodes by searching "401(k) Fridays " on your favorite podcast app or by clicking one of the podcast players below. Enjoy!

August 2018
401(k) Ch-Ch-Changes in 2019: What to Know about Recent Tax Reform, Plan Design, and Financial Wellness
Guest: Jeff Bograd          
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Avoid These Five Common 401(k) Fiduciary Fumbles
Guest: Tom Clark         
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Tom Clark 2018 Background.jpg
Phyllis Borzi: Reflections From Eight Years At The DOL & Forecasting The Future of Retirement Plans
Guest: Phyllis Borzi         
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June 2018
Workplace Financial Wellness: All Systems Go or Failure to Launch?
Guest: Chris Whitlow            
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What If You Are A Good Fiduciary With Bad Governance?
Guest: Andy Larson
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Where Does Your 401(k) Fit In Benefits Open Enrollment?
Guest: Peg Knox
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Surveying 401(k) Plan Sponsors Attitudes & Decisions
Guest: Derek Wallen
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May 2018
Target Date Funds & 401(k) Plans: Morningstar Research, Tactics & One Trillion
Guest: Jeff Holt  
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Jeff Holt 2018 Background.jpg
Why Your 401(k) Isn't Free: The Cost of Protection, Innovation & Trains Running on Time
Guest: Edmund Murphy
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Ed Murphy Background.jpg
The Fiduciary Rule Wipeout: Fred Reish Shares What Happened & What's Next
Guest: Fred Reish
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Fred Reish Background.jpg
Is Your Retirement Calculator Correctly Calculating Your Retirement?
Guest: Tom Kmak
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April 2018
The Workplace Retirement Plan Coverage Conundrum: The Challenge, Perspectives & Opportunities
Guest: Lisa Massena & Andrew Biggs              
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Are You Playing Too Much 401(k) Fiduciary Defense? How To Tell And Why It's Time To Play Offense!
Guest: Jamie Fleckner
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Top Ten Workplace Retirement Plan Administration Mistakes: What They Are, Why They Happen & How To Fix Them!
Guest: Marcia Wagner
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Target Date Funds & Managed Account In 401(k) Plans: Go Together Like Oil & Water or Peanut Butter & Jelly?
Guest: Lynn Avitable & Wei Hu
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March 2018
The Factors That Factor Into Factor Investing:Everything From The Basics To The Death Of Style Boxes
Guest: Stacey Tovrov
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To Bundle Or Unbundle 401(k) Administration: Important Questions For An Important Decision
Guest: Doug Van Galder
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Frustrated By Complex 401(k) Retirement Plan Terms? We'll Clarify if They Are Jargon, Gibberish or Jumbled!
Guest: J.D. Carlson
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When 401(k) Participants Go Missing: How Does It Happen, The Impact & What To Do!
Guest: Spencer Williams
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February 2018
Recruiting & Workplace Retirement Plans: Does Your 401(k) Help Talent Sign On The Dotted Line?
Guest: Dena Ayala
More Info...
Washington D.C. Workplace Retirement Plan Update: One Year of Trump, Tax Reform & Much More!
Guest: Samuel Henson
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A Major Workplace 
Retirement Survey Says... 
The Sandwich Generation at a Critical Juncture
Guest: Josh Dietch
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Are Your 401(k) Participants Ready For Life In Retirement Without A Paycheck - Rebroadcast
Guest: Jerry Patterson
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January 2018
Keeping the 401(k) Boogey Man Away: A Conversation with THE 401(k) Litigator - Part 1 of 2
Guest: Jerry Schlichter
More Info...
Keeping the 401(k) Boogey Man Away: A Conversation with THE 401(k) Litigator - Part 2 of 2
Guest: Jerry Schlichter
More Info...
Going Beyond the Number With Target Date Funds: The Importance of Process, Beliefs & Strategies
Guests: Jerome Clark & Rich Weiss
More Info...
Embracing Courageous Retirement Plan Design: Conquering Inertia & Eating Elephants 
Guest: Shannon Nutter-Wiersbitzky
More Info...
December 2017
Building a Stronger Retirement Plan Fiduciary: The Importance of Leadership & Stewardship
Guest: Don Trone
More Info...
401(k) Plans & Rising Interest Rates: Is it True & What's an Employer To Do?
Guests: Brett Wander & Jake GIlliam        
More Info...
Five Important Health Plan Trends for 2018: More in Common with Retirement Than You Might Think!
Guest: Edward Fensholt
More Info...
November 2017
Making the Business Case for Financial Wellness: A Path to ROI or Nice Try?
Guest: Lynn Pettus                             
More Info...
Avoiding the Bubble of Complacency: The Value of Investment Valuations           
Guest: Rob Arnott                                                      
More Info...
Changing 401(k) Recordkeepers? Strategies to Make the Process Seamless vs. Stressful!
Guest: Tom Dennis
More Info...
Outsourcing Your 401(k) Fiduciary Responsibility: Can You, Should You & Why Would You?
Guests: JD Carlson & Chad Johansen
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October 2017
Why Employer Leadership Matters in Workplace Retirement Plans
Guest: Robert L. Reynolds                             
More Info...
Identity Thieves, Hackers & Phishers: Real or Remote Workplace Retirement Plan Threats                            
Guest: Lee Harms                                                       
More Info...
Learning to Love the Roth 401(k): How they Work and Where they Fit in the Retirement Tool Belt
Guest: Katherine Roy
More Info...
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