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Recruiting & Workplace Retirement Plans:
Does Your 401(k) Plan Help Talent Sign on the Dotted Line?
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Episode Guest:

Dena Ayala
President & CEO,
Spencer Reed Consulting
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Recap, highlights, and my thoughts

One of my favorite things these days is to explore new topics on the podcast!  Today in my conversation with Dena Ayala, the President & CEO of Spencer Reed Consulting we dive into the role workplace retirement plans play in an employers ability to recruiting talent. 


This is a pretty timely episode based on the current historically low unemployment rate and the war for talent that has been raging in many industries and geographies around the country.  Dena provides great input on what questions she gets from candidates about an employers 401(k) plan during the recruiting process, her observations on some things she sees employers doing well and where they can improve in their recruiting efforts and I also gave her the opportunity to share some insights from her 20 years of experience working with employers of all shapes and sizes that takes us out of the realm of retirement plans!  

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Thanks for listening! 

Sincerely Your Host, 

Rick Unser

Guest Bio

Dena Ayala is the President & CEO of Spencer Reed Consulting, So Cal's finest recruiting firm. Dena’s passion is people. She prides herself in living a purpose-driven life and positively impacting those around her.


She has worked in the recruiting and human resources field for 18 years, supporting thousands of people advancement within their careers. She just completed her term as the President of San Diego HR Forum, the largest HR network in San Diego.  Through SDHRF she is actively contributing to community awareness, strategizing to raise the viewpoint of HR professionals, providing networking & peer support.  


She is also on the board and a supporter of Women In Technology International, a worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement of women in business and technology.

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