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Avoiding the Bubble in Complacency:
The Value of Investment Valuations

Rob Arnott



Research Affiliates

Episode Guest:


Avoiding the Bubble in Complacency:

The Value of Investment Valuations

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Recap, highlights, and my thoughts

Nine years into a bull market, that generally gets people talking about bubbles.  Today, I am excited to have Rob Arnott, Chairman of Research Affiliates join me for a second round on the podcast!  Why have him back you might ask, well Rob and his firm manage nearly $200 Billion dollars and over the years have made some bold statements, pioneered several unconventional strategies and challenged conventional wisdom to search for solutions that add value for investors.


As you will hear, Rob is not shy to share his thoughts on the current state of the financial markets, address a bubble he sees developing in the market and provide some different perspectives, sometimes very different on some popular investment trends.  If you are reading this and think this one might not be for you, I would encourage you to give Rob a chance before moving on.  In addition to his unconventional thinking, I love that he can take some complex topics in the market and make them easy to understand, regardless of your level of investment or financial acumen. 

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Guest Bio

Rob Arnott is the founder and chairman of Research Affiliates. He is also portfolio manager on the PIMCO All Asset and All Asset All Authority family of funds and a suite of PIMCO products based on the RAFI™ Fundamental Index™ approach.

Over his career, Rob has endeavored to bridge the worlds of academic theorists and financial markets, challenging conventional wisdom and searching for solutions that add value for investors. He has pioneered several unconventional portfolio strategies that are now widely applied, including tactical asset allocation, global tactical asset allocation, tax-advantaged equity management, and the Fundamental Index approach to investing. His success in doing so has resulted in a reputation as one of the world’s most provocative practitioners and respected financial analysts.

Rob managed two asset management firms before founding Research Affiliates. As chairman of First Quadrant, LP, he built up the former internal money manager for Crum & Forster into a highly regarded quantitative asset management firm. He also was global equity strategist at Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup), the founding president and CEO of TSA Capital Management (now part of Analytic Investors, LLC), and a vice president at The Boston Company.

Rob Arnott received a BS summa cum laude in economics, applied mathematics, and computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.​

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