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Meghan Murphy is a Director on Fidelity’s Workplace Investing Thought Leadership team and is responsible for the development and delivery of data driven points of view on retirement savings and financial wellness trends. This work is leveraged by employers and their employees, advisors, policy makers and the media. Additionally, she is a media representative in the retirement space, helping to bring data based stories to life for the general public. Meghan has been with Fidelity since 2000 and has served in various leadership positions across the organization. 

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Four 401(k) Trends Too Big To Ignore In 2017

Guest: Meghan Murphy






Well here we go, kicking off another year and I couldn’t be happier that the first episode of 2017 features my conversation with Meghan Murphy, Director of Thought Leadership at Fidelity Workplace Investing.  While I won’t steal Meghan’s thunder, I will tell you that she shares a lot of valuable information for employers that should be very helpful to your retirement plan and participants this year and well into the future.  


Not only is this the first episode of 2017 but it is also our 50th episode, that’s 5-0!  To everyone who shared feedback, questions and challenges you’re facing in your retirement plan with us, thank you.  Your input shapes the content, selection of guests and questions I ask!  With 50 episodes completed, this also means we have a robust library of prior episodes you can explore on demand featuring interviews with attorneys, investment managers, professors, industry leaders, fellow employers and others who share a wealth of information for employers, plan fiduciaries, investment committee members.  The topics range from fiduciary best practices, investment commentary, legal and regulatory updates, plan design trends, employee engagement strategies and much more!  So, please keep sharing your input on topics, ideas to add value or questions in 2017!  

Episode Guest:

Meghan Murphy

Director, Thought Leadership

Fidelity Workplace Investing

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