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Will Start-up Fintech Companies Engineer A Better 401(k)?

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With Guest
Tom Conlon,
Head of Client 
Betterment for Business

Tom Conlon is Head of Client Relations at Betterment for Business, a technology-led 401(k) provider that aims to deliver better retirement outcomes and personalized advice. Tom has spent the last 10 years in the retirement services industry where he has held various positions leading teams and helping plan sponsors accomplish their goals for their retirement plans. His focus has always been on helping plan sponsors simplify plan design and administration to help achieve broader goals for impactful participant outcomes.

Recap, Highlights, and Thoughts

I don’t know who said it first, but every company is a technology company.  That becomes very evident during my conversation with Tom Conlon of Betterment, a start-up fintech company or what some also refer to as a Robo Advisor in the 401(k) space.  Tom does a great job sharing how technology enabled companies are looking to disrupt the 401(k) space for companies and plans of all sizes.  You will hear him comment on different strategies they use to attract clients, how technology is drives their business and his responses to some criticism tech enabled 401(k) providers have received.


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